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Living Cannabis is a collective of 6 like minded entrepreneurs with their own unique skill set. We feel very fortunate to have our company comprised of a group of people with organic agricultural growing knowledge, holistic and organic gardening skills, journeyman trades, high level administrative knowledge and construction experience. This diverse collective allowed us to complete our build out and licensing entirely in-house and start growing at our facility since December 2019

In the last couple years wading our way through the legal regulated system we have gained invaluable experience that could not have been gained prior legalization. Now with this experience, our soil and our well seasoned team with 30+ years of experience growing cannabis we are able to get consistent high quality product to market.

We are proud to produce great cannabis organically, holistically and in a waste free way which reflects not only in the quality of the product but also keeps large amounts of waste and extra harmful nutrients out of the environment.

We feel that our Organically managed Living Soil truly gives an accurate expression of the plant’s genetic possibilities. This we believe can only be achieved when plant and soil are working in symbiosis with each other to provide the plant what it needs when it needs it. It truly works!!
Just give it a try and enjoy the ride.